Employment and Workforce

About Prosper

A highly-educated local workforce and proximity to North Texas' large population provides access to employees of all skill levels.

Workforce Facts

  • 34% of Prosper residents have a bachelor's degree or higher

  • Over 3.2 million workers reside in the DFW Area

  • Right to work State with 2.4% unionization

  • State workforce training grants

  • No State Income Tax

Fast Facts

Educational Attainment
  • North Texas Economy

    • North Texas has 28% of the state's workforce

    • North Texas is home to 25 Fortune 500 company headquarters and 7 Fortune Global 500 companies

    • These Fortune 500 companies bring in more than $819 billion in revenue to our region

    • North Texas has a diverse economy, employing more than 350,000 in healthcare, 225,000 in high-tech and 68,000 aviation-related jobs