Population and Demographic

About Prosper

The People of Prosper

Prosper is home to a young, talented, and vibrant community in the growing North Texas region. As of 2017 the population of Prosper is estimated at 20,170. According to NTCOG the growth rate in Prosper has been 17% over the last ten years, and an average annual growth rate of 16% since 2000.

Population Facts

  • North Texas is the 4th largest metro area in the nation.

  • North Texas is made up of 12 counties 135 cities and municipalities, and covers more than 9000 square miles.

  • If North Texas were a state it would be the 14th most populous in the nation between Massachusetts and Indiana.

  • If North Texas were a country, it would be the 23rd largest nation in the world between Switzerland and Belgium.

  • Currently, the region has more than 6 million people. The North Central Texas Council of Governments anticipates more than 9.1 million by 2030.


2010 Census        9462

2014                     13,141

2017                     20,170

At Buildout           72,050

Single Family Residential Permits

2013                     486

2014                     560

2015                     655

2016                     669

2017 YTD             282

Non Residential Certificates of Occupancy

2015                     70

2016                     72

2017 YTD            104