Business Journal Book of Lists gives Prosper high praise

PROSPER (January 30, 2012) The Town of Prosper received prominent ranking in a number of categories highlighted by the 2012 Dallas Business Journal (DBJ) Book of Lists. The Book of Lists is the annual roll call of the highest performing, largest or fastest growing entities in a wide variety of industries, businesses, commercial interests in the private sector and local or regional communities, according to Mike Land, Town Manager and Interim Executive Director of the Prosper Economic Development Corporation (PEDC).

“The Prosper Town Council and the Prosper Economic Development Corporation are pleased to be listed in these top categories again this year. The placements reflect the work accomplished by the PEDC Board of Directors and the Town staff. Prosper sits at some important crossroads, both figuratively and literally,” he said.

Prosper is a community of over 11,000 located at the Dallas North Parkway and US 380. Preston Road traverses the center of Town.

The DBJ’s list painted Prosper as an emerging community is several areas, including:

  • Second in the “Top 25 Cities by Percentage of Population Growth from 2010-2011”

  • Second in “North Texas Cities Ranked by Percentage of Growth for 2010-2011”

  • Sixth in “Top 10 Cities by Percentage Population Growth from 2000-2010”

  • Seventh in the “Top 25 Cities by Number of People Added from 2010-2011”

“Prosper underwent a major growth spurt from 2000 to 2010, increasing in size by almost 350 percent. That has so far continued into this decade with an increase of over 12 percent from 2010 to 2011. For communities over 10,000 in population, Prosper ranked first in percentage of population growth from 2010 to 2011 and first by percentage growth for 2010-2011. We’ve added about 1,100 residents to our community, and our housing starts are setting new records. There’s activity in almost every corner of Town,” added Land.

That activity includes developments in business and commerce, as well. Recently, several large-scale developers and brokers announced plans for retail and residential developments in various parts of Town. And, the reconstruction and expansion of Preston Road through the center of Town will mean additional interest from commercial interests.

“As we experience the growth and development in Prosper that we’ve planned for, our goal is to continue in that posture with an adequate amount of planning and sufficient input from residents and business owners,” he said.

The Town is currently refining its Comprehensive Plan, which is to serve as the blueprint for future growth. Public Town Hall-style meetings have allowed for maximum input and participation from residents. The final plan will be submitted to the Town Council this year.

“Our intent is to have a place where our purpose truly means what it says, a place where everyone matters,” concluded Land.