Prosper Partners / Rudman

Prosper Partners / Rudman

Residential and commercial space with frontage to Hwy 380.

Acres: ~300

Sq. Ft: ~13,068,000

Location: North of Hwy 380, between Teel Rd. and the Tollway.

Contact: Craig Curry, Greater Texas Land Resources


Rudman’s property is a diverse and expansive piece of land in a good location. On the Denton County side of the land, the approximately 200 acres west of Legacy Dr, Rudman is planning on developing a residential community with a mix of single-family and multi-family units. On the Collin County side, Rudman plans on developing that 93 acres with commercial real estate. Both parts of this land are in a prime location in front of Highway 380 and they’re less than a mile west of Tollway.