Rosebriar Properties

Rosebriar Properties

Retail space on the corner of Hwy 380 and Custer Rd.

Acres: 24.3

Sq. Ft: 100,188

Location: Northwest corner of Hwy 380 and Custer Rd.

Contact: Bill Hanks, President, Rosebriar Properties


Rosebriar Properties holds land just west of Taco Bueno at the corner of Hwy 380 and Custer Rd. The name of this development will be called "Prosper Plaza." Prosper Plaza is prime real estate, and it is being slated for retail space and restaurants. No announcement has been made to date about which restaurants or companies would build on the land. With Wal-Mart right across the highway in McKinney, and large amounts of open land surrounding this property, setting up restaurants and retail on the Rosebriar property is sure to pay off in the coming years.