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  • Boyer Park

    Acres: 0.43

    Sq. Ft: 18,730

    Location: First & Church St.

    Contact: Matt Furr


    Boyer Park is located on the northeast corner of First St. and Church St., west of the Town Development Services office. The facility is a passive park with two lanai structures, benches, a drinking fountain, children’s handprint tiles, and a small lighted fountain for children that is activated by a button on a column of the northern lanai structure.

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  • Eagles Landing Park

    Acres: 9.5

    Sq. Ft: 413,820

    Location: West side of Rucker Elementary, off of Craig St.

    Contact: Matt Furr


    Eagles Landing Park is located on the west side of Rucker Elementary, off of Craig St. This facility includes a lighted baseball field, a softball field, a t-ball field, a lighted multi-purpose field, portable restrooms, a basketball court, and walking trail.

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  • Folsom Park

    Acres: 13.7

    Sq. Ft: 596,772

    Location: SE Corner of Somerville Dr. and White River Dr, Lakes of La Cima

    Contact: Matt Furr


    Folsom Park is located at the southeast corner of Somerville Drive and White River Drive, within the Lakes of La Cima subdivision. The facility includes a lighted soccer field, a walking trail, playground, and a pond.

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  • Frontier Park

    Acres: 79.381

    Sq. Ft: 3,470,904

    Location: 1551 W. Frontier Parkway

    Contact: Matt Furr


    Frontier Park is located east of Prosper High School with access off the south side of Frontier Parkway (1551 W. Frontier Parkway). The facility includes two lighted soccer fields, 9 non-lighted soccer fields, three lighted baseball fields, two lighted softball fields, two restroom/concession structures, two sand volleyball courts, a walking trail, a pond.

    Future improvements include Windmill Playground, a pavilion structure, additional restrooms, and a splash ground.

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  • Pecan Grove Park

    Acres: 21.5

    Sq. Ft: 936,540

    Location: La Cima Blvs. and Amistad Dr.

    Contact: Matt Furr


    Pecan Grove Park is located at the northwest and southwest corners of La Cima Boulevard and Amistad Drive, within the Lakes of La Cima subdivision. This facility includes a pond, a playground, a creek, picnic tables, park benches, open playing fields, and hike & bike trails.

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  • Main Street Park

    Acres: 4.1

    Sq. Ft: 4,356

    Location: West side of Main St., south of Broadway St.

    Contact: Matt Furr


    Main Street Park is located on the west side of Main Street, 200± feet south of Broadway Street, within the downtown area of Prosper. This facility includes a lighted baseball field, a lighted softball field, a concession stand with restrooms, a basketball court, and picnic tables.

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  • Town Lake Park

    Acres: 18.3

    Sq. Ft: 797,148

    Location: Woodview Dr., south of Prosper Trail

    Contact: Matt Furr


    Located at the terminus of Woodview Drive, south of Prosper Trail, in the Whispering Farms subdivision.  Town Lake Park offers a 27-acre stocked lake, all-weather hike and bike trails, and picnic areas.

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  • Whitley Place Park

    Acres: 29.8

    Sq. Ft: 1,298,088

    Location: Between Wilson Creek Trail and Whitley Place Drive

    Contact: Matt Furr


    Located between Wilson Creek Trail and Whitley Place Drive, this park offers fishing, a scenic pavilion and a bridge.

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  • Cockrell Elementary School

    Location: 1075 Escalante Trail

    Contact: Jana Thomson, Principal


    Named after longtime Prosper resident and educator, Cynthia A. Cockrell, Cockrell Elementary is one of Prosper ISD’s four elementary schools. Cockrell Elementary is the newest elementary school, opening at the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year. Children in grades kindergarten through fourth grade attend this school.

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  • Folsom Elementary School

    Location: 800 Somerville Dr.

    Contact: Laine Jones, Principal


    R. Steven Folsom Elementary is named after Steve Folsom, a longtime Prosper resident who has been actively involved in the community for many years. While Folsom offers kindergarten through fourth grades like the other three elementary schools in Prosper ISD, it also has a pre-K program for younger children, providing the opportunity for early education.

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  • Rucker Elementary School

    Location: 402 S. Craig Rd.

    Contact: Machelle Scogin, Principal


    The namesake for this elementary school is Judy Rucker. Mrs. Rucker is a longtime active citizen in Prosper, and has been in education for over 30 years. Rucker Elementary provides education for children in grades kindergarten through fourth grade, and is located right off Preston Road.

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  • Rogers Middle School

    Location: 1001 South Coit Rd.

    Contact: Holly Ferguson, Principal


    Rogers Middle School is named after Lorene Rogers, and it serves as the transitional middle school between elementary school and Rogers Middle School. Students in grades five and six attend Rogers middle school, and it is located just north of Hwy 380 off of Coit Rd.

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  • Reynolds Middle School

    Location: 700 N. Coleman

    Contact: Greg Bradley, Principal


    Reynolds Middle School is named after the Reynolds family, a very active and involved family starting with Robert L. Reynolds back in the 1960’s when he joined the Prosper ISD School Board. Seventh and Eighth grade students attend Reynolds and it is at Reynolds where students prepare for their high school tenure. Reynolds Middle School is located in the heart of Prosper off of Coleman street.

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  • Prosper High School

    Location: 301 Eagle Drive

    Contact: Greg Wright, Principal


    Prosper High School is the crown jewel of the Prosper community. Many of the residents move to Prosper for its excellent school system, and Prosper High School is ranked above 95% of all other Texas High Schools. PHS is one of the fastest growing high schools in the country, and is also one of the largest in the state.

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  • Gentle Creek Golf Club

    Acres: 238 (Gold Course Only)

    Location: 3131 E. Prosper Trail

    Contact: Jessica Poe, Director of Member Services


    Gentle Creek Golf Club is a spacious community and country club with upscale housing and top-tier greens. It is consistently ranked as one of the best golf clubs in the DFW area, and it also boasts an excellent restaurants. The residential area is filled with luxurious large lot homes.

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  • Lakes of La Cima

    Location: SW corner of First St. and Coit Rd, north of Hwy 380

    Contact: Mike McClung


    Lakes of La Cima is in an ideal location on the southwest side of First St. and Coit Rd with access to Highway 380. There are two parks that surround Lakes of La Cima, and the homes are beautiful and luxurious.

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  • Lookadoo Office Building

    Sq. Ft: 12,000

    Location: 1000 N. Preston Rd.

    Contact: Don Lookadoo


    Recently constructed at 1000 N. Preston Rd north of Independent Bank , Don Lookadoo’s Class A office space is 12,000 sq. ft. It holds small office tenants, and it is one of the newest developments in Prosper. The building was completed in May 2014. Contact Mr. Lookadoo for inquiries into available space.

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  • Downtown Area

    Location: Broadway St, east of Coleman St., west of Preston Rd.

    Contact: Prosper Town Hall


    Prosper's historic downtown district is the heart of the Town. It is where the town started when it was incorporated in 1914. Many local shops and restaurants, such as the Cotton Gin Café, line the streets of Broadway as the large iconic silos serve as the backdrop. This is where Prosper residents congregate for town festivals, parades, and other community events.

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  • WindSong Ranch / Terra Verde

    Acres: 2,108

    Sq. Ft: 91,824,480

    Location: NW of Teel Pkwy and Hwy 380, west side of Prosper

    Contact: Craig Martin, Terra Verde


    WindSong Ranch, developed by Terra Verde, currently has over 100 homes built, and is expected to eventually expand to a development of over 3,000 homes in Prosper. The neighborhood features a luxurious amenities center, expansive hike and bike trails, tennis courts, swimming pools, and much more. This development will be a major sector of Prosper’s booming population in years to come.

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  • Gates of Prosper - Blue Star Land

    Acres: 250

    Sq. Ft: 10,890,000

    Location: Preston Rd & Hwy 380

    Contact: Joe Hickman, President, Blue Star Land


    Gates of Prosper is the prime land for commercial use in Prosper. Located at the intersection of two major highways, Preston Rd and Highway 380, it will be the first part of Prosper that many people will see as they visit the town. Gates of Prosper is owned by Jerry Jones’ company Blue Star Land. Development is scheduled to begin in 2015.

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  • Star Trail - Blue Star Land

    Acres: 640

    Sq. Ft: 27,910,198

    Location: Northwest of First and the Tollway, Southeast of Legacy Dr. and Prosper Trail

    Contact: Joe Hickman, President, Blue Star Land


    Blue Star’s land west of the Dallas North Tollway will be residential development with approximately 1,500 homes at build out. These will be medium lot sizes with upscale homes. Blue Star Land is owned by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. This residential development is one of several that are currently planned to be developed in the coming years in Prosper as our population grows. Construction is slated to begin in 2015, with homes being marketed by 2016. 

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  • Matthews Southwest

    Acres: 157.4

    Sq. Ft: 6,856,344

    Location: Northwest corner of the Tollway and Hwy 380

    Contact: Joe Drysdale, Associate, Matthews Southwest


    Owned by Developer Jack Matthews, this tract of land is one of the prime pieces of commercial real estate Prosper has to offer. With its high visibility along Highway 380 and its access just off the Dallas North Tollway, this piece of land is sure to attract some high quality retail and commercial businesses.
    A 10 acre tract of land was sold to Texas Health Resources in late 2014. Texas Health plans to begin construction on a medical facility at this location in the first half of 2015. Additionally, Matthews has announced a partnership with Developer Mitch Paradise. The newly formed development firm Matthews Paradise plans to build three 100,000 square foot buildings that will each be four stories tall on the land behind what has already been purchased by Texas Health. They plan to begin construction in early 2015. 

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  • Landplan

    Acres: 1336.5

    Sq. Ft: 58,217,940

    Location: Northwest corner of Hwy 380 and Custer Rd.

    Contact: Jim Williams, President, Landplan


    This tract of land is the second largest single land holding in Prosper. Landplan will use this 1,300 acre site to build two residential developments, Meadowbrook and Brookhollow, to accommodate Prosper’s rapid growth. These developments will be the largest residential community on Prosper’s east side of town once they have been completed. Construction has not begun yet, but plans are in place to begin construction of phase one in the first part of 2015. 

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  • Rosebriar Properties

    Acres: 24.3

    Sq. Ft: 100,188

    Location: Northwest corner of Hwy 380 and Custer Rd.

    Contact: Bill Hanks, President, Rosebriar Properties


    Rosebriar Properties holds land just west of Taco Bueno at the corner of Hwy 380 and Custer Rd. The name of this development will be called "Prosper Plaza." Prosper Plaza is prime real estate, and it is being slated for retail space and restaurants. No announcement has been made to date about which restaurants or companies would build on the land. With Wal-Mart right across the highway in McKinney, and large amounts of open land surrounding this property, setting up restaurants and retail on the Rosebriar property is sure to pay off in the coming years.

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  • Prosper Partners / Rudman

    Acres: ~300

    Sq. Ft: ~13,068,000

    Location: North of Hwy 380, between Teel Rd. and the Tollway.

    Contact: Craig Curry, Greater Texas Land Resources


    Rudman’s property is a diverse and expansive piece of land in a good location. On the Denton County side of the land, the approximately 200 acres west of Legacy Dr, Rudman is planning on developing a residential community with a mix of single-family and multi-family units. On the Collin County side, Rudman plans on developing that 93 acres with commercial real estate. Both parts of this land are in a prime location in front of Highway 380 and they’re less than a mile west of Tollway.

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  • Prosper Town Center

    Acres: 39

    Sq. Ft: 1,698,840

    Location: 170 N. Preston Road

    Contact: John Harris


    Prosper Town Center is one of the largest present and future retailers in Prosper. There are a variety of retail businesses in the Town Center including several restaurants. Multiple medical offices are also located here. There is an impressive site plan for Prosper Town Center, and it will continue to expand as the town of Prosper grows. There are currently four buildings located at the Town Center. There is opportunity for office development and stand alone retail buildings. Website:

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